3 reasons why the Airport Badging Solution is right for you



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Product benefits

Simple ›

Reduce the pain of upgrades and system incompatibilities with a simple turnkey solution that works as an add-on feature to our access control system, Security Center Synergis ™

Automated ›

Streamline the badging process in a single platform and improve data integrity by reducing time-consuming manual data entry in multiple standalone systems. 


Create a standardized process for employee background checks and badge issuance that's compliant with regulations, has a secure base, and is part of the Genetec unified platform. 

“90% of service and support calls we receive are related to problems in communication between the access control system, identity management system, and clearinghouses.”


- Joseph Degrassi, Director - Public Sector, Genetec




Who will benefit

Trusted Agent

Minimize error

  • Minimize error from manual processing 
  • Reduce duplication of work when inputting data into multiple systems
  • Streamline the badging and credentialing process through a unified platform

Compliance Officer

Ensure compliance

  • Ensure all employees are properly vetted in accordance to TSA requirements
  • Automate employee Rap Backs
  • Monitor unaccounted-for badge percentages with interactive dashboards
  • Enhance reporting capabilities for investigations and audits

IT/Security Manager

Reduce complexities

  • Reduce complexities from maintaining multiple systems
  • Complete one upgrade across systems
  • Save time and money due to lack of training and integration issues 
  • Increase availability and system uptime


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