Key components of the portfolio

Video management

Manage city-wide surveillance all from one place with our unified video monitoring platform— centralized for better situational awareness.

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Identify, track, and monitor vehicles of interest by tagging suspicious behavior, so, you can optimize your crime response and improve overall investigation time.

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Real-Time Crime Center

On a single pane of glass, manage all your cameras, ALPR, IoT, GPS and more. Citigraf is a front-end solution for real-time crime centers that provides you with greater situational awareness. 

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Community Connect

Facilitate video and evidence sharing for public and private partnerships by having the ability to manage selective accessibility rights for privately owned cameras for law enforcement. 

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Interview Room

Ease the interview process with instant audio and video recordings upon entry to a room, indexed alongside any notes. Assign case numbers, designate recording access privileges, and retrieve interview sessions, all encrypted and securely stored in the cloud.

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Digital Evidence Management System (DEMS)

Optimize the way you gather and share evidence with Genetec Clearance, our digital evidence management system. Quickly request, share, manage, and reference crucial evidence to aid your investigations.

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