Synergis Cloud Link Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ webpage is meant to empower customer-facing staff to respond to quick questions about the Security Center Synergis™ architecture and the Synergis™ Cloud Link gateway.

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  1. What is Synergis Cloud Link?

An intelligent IoT gateway engineered to address the longstanding customer demand for non-proprietary access control. This device acts as an industrial micro-server running Linux and Synergis Softwire integration services. It improves the reliability of access control systems and makes them less dependent on connectivity to the access control server. 


The device supports non-proprietary access control modules from the industry’s most established manufacturers such as ASSA ABLOY, Axis Communications, HID, Mercury Security, and others.

  1. What is Softwire?

It is the software running within Synergis Cloud Link. The Softwire integration services run on a micro-server to have the decision processing unit closer to the edge, which increases the resilience to diverse types of failure such as network failures or server disruptions. Softwire is not necessarily bound to proprietary hardware, but it relies on peripherals not commonly found on general-purpose servers.

  1. What makes Synergis Cloud Link unique?

  • It allows on-premises devices to securely connect to Genetec cloud services. It provides an asynchronous, encrypted, load-balanced and failover-savvy communication channel to the server
  • It is an intelligent gateway that customers can deploy at all remote sites instead of an off-the-shelf server
  • It is flexible as it allows users to leverage their current access control infrastructure and upgrade to an IP-based solution thanks to its open architecture
  • P2P communications between multiple Synergis Cloud Link devices help ensure they always communicate and leverage Global Input/Output linking and Global Anti-passback (APB) across appliances, regardless of connectivity to the main server
  • Genetec controls the logic running in Synergis Cloud Link and the associated software release. As the dependency on third parties slows down, we can deliver business outcomes to our customers and control the logic closer to the edge
  • It uses strong encryption between remote and central sites through the advanced level of encryption between Synergis Cloud Link appliances and Synergis servers or third-party hardware

  1. What are the scalability benefits of the Synergis Cloud Link architecture? 

For small to mid-sized installations, the all-in-one Streamvault™ Series 300 appliance can do the job of Synergis Cloud Link. It maintains two levels in its architecture, all while benefiting from an ecosystem of access control hardware.


For larger scale or multi-site installations, Synergis Cloud Link adds a layer to your architecture and allows users to scale their access control system, locally or at remote sites. Larger sites can leverage a mix of popular access control hardware, including controllers from Mercury Security, and Axis Communications, as well as electronic locks from ASSA ABLOY, SimonsVoss and Allegion. Up to 2048 readers are supported per Synergis Access Manager server when paired with Synergis Cloud Link devices. Equipped with native IP and PoE capabilities and encrypted to provide high-secure network communications, the gateway can support up to 256 readers and electronic locks, as well as monitor hundreds of zones and alarm points.

  1. Does Synergis software directly manage access control system controllers, or is this achieved through Synergis Cloud Link?

Communications with HID Mercury LP controllers are handled through Softwire. For small to mid-sized installations, customers can deploy the all-in-one Streamvault Series 300 appliance with embedded Softwire firmware to communicate directly to HID Mercury LP controllers, without the need for a Synergis Cloud Link gateway.


For larger deployments, Synergis Cloud Link is better suited, as it allows organizations to easily scale across a single or multiple locations. Each Synergis Cloud Link supports up to 32 HID Mercury LP panels (or 256 readers).


  1. What is unique about the architecture that Genetec proposes?

This is what makes our architecture unique:

  • Synergis Cloud Link is an integration entry that manages a variety of third-party intelligent controllers and sensors, allowing customers to mix and match different brands of access control hardware

  • Synergis Cloud Link is a PoE-enabled IoT gateway, engineered to provide greater flexibility and security with the latest encryption standards

  • Through peer-to-peer communications typically not found in traditional door controllers, Synergis Cloud Link ensures connectivity and communications between appliances without relying on Security Center

  • Synergis Cloud Link supports native threat-level management capabilities through security clearances, allowing organizations to quickly restrict access or lock down an entire facility

  • Many high-end controllers have arbitrary limitations such as only supporting a few card formats. As the cardholder population grows, companies may need additional card formats. Synergis Cloud Link is the perfect solution, as the most popular formats are programmed in the door controllers, and it makes the access decision for the other less popular formats.

  1. Is communication between Synergis Cloud Link and third-party hardware encrypted?

Synergis Cloud Link establishes secure communication with all third-party hardware, Security Center, and other Synergis Cloud Link gateways using TLS, up to version 1.3.

  1. How does Synergis Cloud Link gateway help lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of security systems?

Synergis architecture lowers the total cost of ownership by deploying Synergis Cloud Link gateway as opposed to off-the-shelf servers locally or at remote sites. Users benefit from the upfront savings and reduced server maintenance costs, and avoid the need for periodic operating system (OS), database updates, anti-virus, and other updates. 

  1. Is Synergis Cloud Link easy to maintain?

Synergis Cloud Link is an embedded device that offers advanced functionality without the maintenance hassle and cost of a traditional server. Given its small size, there is no need for a server. The gateway is easily maintained through simple firmware updates that can be run in parallel and only take a few minutes.

  1. How do Synergis and Synergis Cloud Link ensure maximum uptime and security?

Synergis Cloud Link ensures maximum uptime and security as it is not the only level in the access control architecture where the offline logic resides. When pairing the intelligent Synergis Cloud Link gateway with HID Mercury, Axis, or ASSA ABLOY IP lock hardware, the door logic, including cardholder (credentials), schedules, and access rights are synchronized with these third-party devices - so access control decisions can occur offline and will still be logged for reporting purposes.

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