1. Overview

The Genetec Portal and online store

The Genetec Portal offers a modern online experience – one login gives you easy access to the resources you need to successfully research, market, sell and support the Genetec portfolio of solutions. Answers to the most frequently asked questions can be found in this guide, which will be updated frequently. We also encourage you to watch the introductory videos found on the homepage of the Portal.

We appreciate your help as we build a new digital commerce experience and thank you for your participation.

Do not submit quotes or orders for add-ons, Advantage renewals or that require non-standard configurations or customization, or that exceed $25,000 in the new online store. We’ll notify you as functionality is available to support add-on quotes/orders, renewals, non-standard configurations, and customizations. Until then, you can continue to submit those in the legacy store by accessing it directly: https://portal.genetec.com/partners/Store/, or you can contact Genetec Channel Sales for assistance.

2. Need help?

Who can I contact if I need help with the online store during the beta phase? 

There are multiple ways to request help from Genetec:

You can use the chat option that appears on the bottom right of the portal/website. Live agents dedicated to supporting the beta program will be available from 9AM-5PM EST to support you with any questions.

You can submit a portal ticket at any time using the Submit a ticket button located at the bottom of every portal page during beta.

You can also send an email to portal@genetec.com, but the other options would deliver a faster response.


How do I log a ticket if I am having an issue and there is no live agent?

At any point, you can log a ticket within any page of the portal by clicking on Submit a ticket (located at the very bottom of every portal page during beta)

3. Accessing the Genetec Portal

How do I access the portal? 

The direct URL for the portal is www.genetec.com/portal

How do I log into the portal? 

Use the URL listed above or navigate directly to the portal from genetec.com by clicking on the account icon and then selecting Login or Register under the Genetec Portal section: 


To login successfully you need to have a login.genetec.com authentication account. If you regularly access the legacy portal and/or GTAP, you should be able to use your existing credentials.

If you have not logged in to the legacy portal and/or GTAP since January 31, 2023, please follow the instructions to create an authentication account, then email portal@genetec.com to be given access.

How do I know if I am logged into the Genetec Portal?

When you successfully log into the portal, the following will occur:
  1. You will be redirected to the Genetec Portal home page (www.genetec.com/portal
  2. The App Switcher will appear, which has shortcuts to other, relevant portals and sites.
  3. The generic account icon will be replaced by a colored circle with your initial. This is the Account menu where you can edit your profile, change your password, submit feedback and more. 


What do I do if I experience issues logging in?

Clear your browser data (history, cookies, cached files) and then try again. If you continue to experience login issues, you have multiple ways to get in touch with us:

Between 9am and 5pm EST, use the chat option that appears at the bottom right of genetec.com

Submit a ticket using this form

Why am I getting an access denied message when I try to log in to the portal? 

It’s possible that you don’t have a profile created on login.genetec.com or you may have incorrect profile permissions. Please launch the chat at the bottom right of the page (this is available from genetec.com you do not need to be logged into the portal to launch chat) or email portal@genetec.com for assistance.

Will my portal session time out after a certain period of inactivity?

Yes, the session will time out after 10 minutes of inactivity. You will be prompted to log back in. Any projects or quotes being worked on will auto-save.

Can I give my co-workers access to the portal? 

Your co-workers must follow the same instructions above to create an authentication account and request access by emailing portal@genetec.com. In the future, we will provide partners with the ability to administer access for your team. 

How do I log in to the Stratocast and Clear ID portals? 

Click on the links on genetec.com and log in as you always have.

4. Supported devices and browsers

What devices can I use to access the portal? 

The Genetec Portal should be accessed on your Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac computer (desktop or laptop). The online store was designed for a desktop experience and is not yet fully supported on mobile devices (tablets or smart phones). If you are managing projects, quotes, and orders, use your Windows or Apple computer.

Which web browsers are supported? 

The portal can be accessed with the two latest versions of the desktop browsers listed below.

Browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari (quote configuration not supported in Safari).

Note that the online store does not yet support mobile (projects, quotes, and orders), and is best experienced on a desktop browser. 

Officially supported devices, OS, and browsers are found here: https://www.genetec.com/portal/supported-browsers-devices

I’m unable to see the full screen in my browser, how can I resolve this? 

  • Windows: CTRL +/- to zoom in or out.
  • Mac: Command +/- to zoom in or out.

5. Navigating and using the portal

How can I switch between the portal and genetec.com or navigate to GTAP or other Genetec resources? 

The portal and the website are on the same platform, so you navigate between the two using the website navigation bar. To navigate back to the portal, simply click on the Account menu and select Go to portal.

Use the App Switcher ( ) located at top right and next to your Account icon to navigate to other useful locations such as Tech Support (GTAP), Documentation (TechDoc Hub), Stratocast portal, and more.

What is the simplest way to navigate within the portal? 

Once logged in, a Quick Access Menu appears on most portal pages. From here, you can navigate to the online store, price list pages as well as resources through this menu.

How can I search the portal? 

You can search the portal by typing your query into the magnifying glass/search icon located at the top right, next to the Account icon and App Switcher. The search functionality on the portal has been greatly improved – it now provides unified search across the public website and portal to return the most relevant results.

How do I filter search results to display content that is only available to accredited Genetec channel partners? 

On the left side of the search results page, select Partner only – this will show results found only after login by filtering our asset from the public website.

How do I edit my profile and/or change my communication preferences? 

Once you’ve logged in to the portal, click on your Account icon (the circle at the far top right of the page) and then on Edit profile or Edit preferences.

If you need to update the name of the company you work for or your email address, please contact salesadmin@genetec.com. Note these are not editable without Genetec validation. 

Selecting Edit preferences will allow you to choose the types of communications you will receive from Genetec. This feature will be enhanced in the months to come to allow you to opt-in to live portal push notifications. You will have greater control over which notifications you receive from Genetec and how they are delivered. Note that you cannot opt-out of pricing, quoting, invoicing, support, legal advisories, or security notifications.

How do I change my password? 

Once you have logged into the portal, click on your Account icon (the circle at the far top right of the page) and then on Edit profile.

Can I change my Account icon? 

You cannot change your Account icon.

Can I access Genetec Technical Support from the portal? 

Use the App Switcher to navigate to Tech Support.

Where can I find technical documents? 

Click on the App Switcher and select Documentation. You can also click Resources on the website’s navigation bar and then Access the TechDoc Hub (The TechDoc Hub is Genetec’s knowledge base.)

Where can I find Sales Tools and information about the Channel Partner Program? 

You can access these from the Quick Access menu or from the portal home page. 

You can also scroll down; towards the bottom of the portal homepage you will see a section called Your Tools. A lot of additional types of information are available from this section.

6. Price lists

How do I download my price list? 

From the portal home page, click on Price list, then click on your preferred format to download a price list. You can also access this page from the Quick Access Menu or directly using this URL: https://www.genetec.com/portal/business/price-list.

Why is the file name of my price list different than it has been in the past?

Our price list naming convention was defined decades ago. Time for an update! During beta, the price list files will download as Excel format, Raw Excel format, or PDF format. We are working to resolve this so that the file name is more intuitive and references Genetec ASAP.

The content of the pricelist looks the same, should it be different?

We’re working diligently to bring many enhancements to the format, layout, and content of the Genetec price list. Stay tuned for news later in 2023.

7. Online store

What can I do in the online store? 

The online store is the primary location to build and track your Genetec pipeline. This is where you will create project records and track all quotes and orders. 

How do I access the online store? 

From the portal homepage, click on Projects, Quotes, or Orders. You can also access it via the Quick Access Menu.

Are all Genetec parts available in the online store? 

During the initial beta period of the online store, we have focused on making the most often quoted and ordered parts available. We will be adding additional parts in subsequent releases.

Do I see the same thing as Genetec’s Channel Sales team or my AE/CAE? 

The Genetec team works from the same tools but with different views than what our channel partners see in the online store. Genetec team members can view your projects, quotes, and orders, but they will access these from our CRM.

Can my co-workers and I, or Genetec and I collaborate in real time? 

Projects, quotes, and orders and any associated files should be visible between users within a few minutes. However, only one user can edit at a time.

Can I see projects, quotes and orders entered by my co-workers? 


Can I see projects, quotes and orders created by Genetec? 


Can I search or filter in the online store?

You can search and filter from within each section of the online store. You can click the column headers to sort, or you can filter on different attributes by expanding the Filter button. The screenshot below is from the Projects section, but it works the same way across the online store.

7.1 Online store: projects

What is a project? Why do I need to create one? 

A project outlines a potential sales opportunity. The project record helps define the end user customer and associated vertical, outlines the solution needed, the potential revenue and likely deployment timeline. Not all details may be available at the time a project is created, but it will help us track our mutual business. A project can contain multiple quotes with different configurations. 

Can I upload relevant documents like our BOM, an RFP package, CAD drawings, building diagrams etc. so they are all available to everyone working on the project? 

Yes. You can upload documents by clicking Add Documents in the Project record. All file types are supported.

What if I don’t see one of my end user customers in the drop-down list, and this is a customer with an active system ID?

If your company has purchased on behalf of the end user in the past, that customer should appear in the drop-down list. If it doesn’t, either launch the chat or open a ticket. You can also email us at portal@genetec.com, but the other options would be faster.

If this is the first time your company is purchasing on behalf of this end user, you will need to create a new end user record. See below.

How do I create a new end user customer? 

If you need to create a new end user, you will need to click and complete the form available under the projects section. The Genetec team will then create the end user account and notify you within approx. 4 hours when the end user is active.

7.2 Online store: quotes

Can I create a quote if I don’t create a project? 

To create a quote, you must first create a Project. Once a project is created, the Create quote button will become activated.

Can I create a new quote from the Quotes section of the portal? 

New quotes can only be created from within a project.

Can I edit a quote? 

If a quote has not yet been locked it remains in draft mode and the quote can be modified. Once locked, you cannot edit a quote, but you can contact Channel Sales for assistance referencing the quote number.

Can I copy a quote? 

This is not possible during this beta phase. We’ll notify you when this feature becomes available. You can contact Channel Sales for assistance referencing the quote number.

What does lock quote mean? 

If you lock the quote, it is no longer editable. The validity period goes into effect, and that quote will be valid for 30 days.

What if I need extended quote validity? 

During beta between 9am and 5pm EST please use the chat for the fastest response. Once your quote is saved as a draft, you can contact Channel Sales for assistance referencing the quote number. You can also email portal@genetec.com at anytime.

How do I request additional discounts? 

During beta, please use the chat for the fastest response. Once your quote is saved as a draft, you can contact us via chat or by emailing Channel Sales for assistance, referencing the quote number. You can also email portal@genetec.com at any time. Please note that once Genetec applies any approved additional discounts, that version of the quote will be locked. Any subsequent modifications will require a new quote that may require the additional discounts to be re-approved and re-applied, as applicable.

How can an existing TBPA be applied to a quote? 

During beta and between 9am and 5pm EST use the chat for the fastest response. Once your quote is saved as a draft, you can contact Channel Sales for assistance referencing the quote number. You can also email portal@genetec.com at anytime. Note that once Genetec applies a TBPA discount, that version of the quote will be locked. Any subsequent modifications will require a new quote and the TBPA will have to be reapplied.

What should I do once Genetec approves my TBPA or discount on my quote?

You should go to your quotes page and find the referenced quote. You can then continue as needed.

Can additional discounts and TBPAs be automatically validated and applied?
During beta, these still need to be applied manually - but we’re working on it. Stay tuned for news later in 2023.

How can I submit my quote for Genetec to review? 

During beta and between 9am and 5pm EST use the chat or at anytime contact portal@genetec.com. You can reference the project or quote ID from the online store or attach a copy of the draft quote to your email. Do not lock the quote if you’d like it reviewed by Genetec!

How can I see a list of all my quotes? 

From the main page or from the Quick access menu you can click on Quotes.

How do I do an add-on quote? 

This is not available in the beta testing of the portal. Use the legacy online store at portal.genetec.com, or send your requests to quote system add-ons to channelsales@genetec.com.

How do I create an Advantage renewal quote? 

This is not available in the beta testing of the portal. Use the legacy online store at portal.genetec.com, or send your requests to quote Genetec Advantage renewals to channelsales@genetec.com.

7.3 Online store: orders

How do I create an order?

If you have the appropriate permissions to place an order on behalf of your company, you will have the ability to click on Create Order from within the quote. If you do not have the permissions, the Create Order button will be grayed out.

How do I submit an order?

Once you create an order, you will be asked to enter a customer purchase order number and a billing/shipping address. Once completed, you’ll be able to submit your order.

How do I know if my order went through?

You should receive an email confirmation that your order has been submitted and is being reviewed by Genetec. You will be notified if there are any issues related to the processing of your order.

Can I submit an order for which there is no quote?

During beta you cannot submit an order in the online store without a valid (not expired) Genetec quote.

Can all my orders for Genetec be submitted through the online store? 

During beta, we ask that we try to limit order submissions to quotes prepared in the online store, or that do not exceed $25,000. As functionality increases you will be able to submit all orders through the online store.

How can I see a list of all my orders?

From the main page or from the Quick access menu you can click on Orders.

How can I see the status of my orders? 

This is not available in the beta testing of the portal. Please send your request to customerservice@genetec.com.

How can I find tracking info for my order? 

This is not available in the beta testing of the portal. Please send your request to customerservice@genetec.com.

What do I do if I need to change or cancel an order? 

Please contact customerservice@genetec.com.