The power of unification

Harness the flow of data across your security activities.
From managing video monitoring systems and visitor access to responding to threats and alarms, having a unified system will make it easy to keep up.
Discover how unified operations heighten security and improve organizational efficiency.
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A better approach to security

By taking the leap towards unification, you benefit from a system that:

Simplifies day-to-day operations 

Reduces maintenance and costs


Is easily scalable and keeps up with your vision


Is compatible with new technology

Simplifying your day-to-day operations with unification

With Genetec Security Center, you can move away from having multiple independent systems. With a unified physical security platform, you take advantage of a user interface that displays all your security activities, functions, and data from within the same system.


Empower your operators by giving them the information they need to be more efficient, make better decisions, and respond to incidents faster so they can secure people, buildings, and assets.

How does unification help with your day-to-day?

Get clear insights

91% of respondents

agree that unification improves security detection (e.g. intrusions), because Security Center empowers operators to manage video, access control, license plate recognition, intrusion management, communications, and more, in one central location.

Speed up resolution and response time

84% of respondents

agree that unification reduces time spent reacting to alarms and dispatching resources. Security Center removes the need of going back and forth between applications. Operators can monitor events and configure their system in one place, speeding both response and resolution time.



Leverage data-driven insights

91% of respondents

agree that unification reduces time spent gathering evidence and relevant information. Security Center collects and centralizes all your data into one unified interface. Its built-in and third-party analytics solutions converts that data into intelligence that organizations can act on.



Minimize operator training

86% of respondents

see a cut down in technical training. Security Center groups everything into a unified interface. With a single interface to master, operators spend less time in training. And since it was designed to unify your entire security environment, it provides a familiar experience even as your system grows.

And 88% of respondents

agree that fewer days are needed before operators become autonomous with their system. Operators can learn gradually with select courses, which is less intimidating than intensive full-day training. This explains why a great majority of our end-users observed a decrease in the number of errors per operator after unifying their security system.


Unified security systems help organizations reduce time spent on maintenance and technical/individual issues?



84% of respondents agree that changing to a unified system reduces time spent on technical/individual issues.

Learn how


84% of respondents agree that changing to a unified system reduces time spent on technical/individual issues.

Learn how

Did you know?

A unified security platform streamlines the process of keeping your system maintained and up to date.
When you only need to handle upgrades, costs, and maintenance for one single platform it frees up a lot of time.

How does unification help at maintaining your system?

Upgrading your system

Updating the firmware on your security devices or handling software version upgrades happens all within the same platform requiring less time from your team during upgrades.

87% of respondents agree

that unification improves upgrade efficiency

Infrastructure footprint

A unified platform optimizes resources by sharing common servers and databases. This means that less infrastructure hardware is needed to run security operations.

88% of respondents saw

a reduction in infrastructure footprint

Maintenance time

A unified platform eliminates headaches. You only need to handle maintenance, and upgrades for one single system which saves up a lot of time.

90% of respondents agree

that unification reduces maintenance time

Maintenance cost

With a unified system, there's only one maintenance agreement to renew. And the simplicity of upgrading and maintaining a single system frees up employee time for other important jobs.

79% of respondents confirm

that unification reduces maintenance cost
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Did you know?

83% of respondents switched their previous security system due to compatibility issues.

The importance of having a system that keeps up with your needs

Unification is what empowers advancements in how our customers run their physical security operations. 


Genetec Security Center supports your long-term growth needs. Its extensive ecosystem lets you expand your system with the technology you need to face emerging threats.

*Click on each icon for key insights

Meet your evolving needs


agree that unified systems grow with their evolving needs. A unified solution supports long-term growth by facilitating the flow and management of data across your security activities. From a single building to a worldwide network, Security Center makes it easy to manage growth and collaborate with stakeholders.

Bring in new systems easily


agree that moving to a unified platform allows them to bring in new systems more easily. Security Center gives you the freedom to build and expand at your own pace. You can begin by upgrading video or access control solutions and then slowly add new systems, modules, and third-party technologies through our vast ecosystem of partners.

How does unification improve compatibility?

With Security Center, you can adopt new technologies and even add third-party integrations within your system. With our open and flexible security platform, you can re-use compatible cameras, readers, and devices that best suit your budget and needs. 


You can tap into an ecosystem of over 900 solutions, develop your own integrations, and customize your system using an extensive software development kit.

*Click on each icon for key insights

Add new technology easily


of respondents admit that unification has allowed them to add new technology faster and more frequently. With the freedom of choosing from a long list of hardware and software tools, it's easy to extend your security platform.



Reduce compatibility issues


of respondents confirm that moving to a unified solution reduces compatibility issues. Security Center was built on open architecture making your core physical security products more compatible with other technology.



What our customers are saying about Genetec Security Center

"The Genetec unified security platform provides our operators with one central source of information. It's a refreshing change to have one solution from which the team can handle any issue."

Sean Owens
Director of Security
Technology and Non Acute Care

"We've gone from zero intelligence to almost real-time event monitoring using the Security Center platform. We now have robust physical protection systems that help us keep our organization NERC compliant."

Physical Security Supervisor
Manitoba Hydro

"What's nice about Genetec Security Center is that every security device and system is unified into one solution. Before, we had a seperate map system that was clunky and unreliable. With built-in maps and other intuitive features, our team now works faster during response and investigations. What once took us hours or days, now takes a quarter of the time."

Sean McHenry
Director of Surveillance

"Genetec Security Center helps our security team take immediate and decisive action. Not only has our team become more efficient, but we've also seen a significant cost reduction by going from many systems to one unified platform."

Dave Chapper

IT Manager and

Network Administrator

"Everything from video surveillance and access control to alarm management has been consolidated into one solution - it's just a better, more effective way to work. And we're confident that with this unified platform, we'll be keeping our guests happy and safe well into the future."

Will Graham

Security Technology


"We have essentially saved the department over 2000 hours of manual labor in physically collecting and storing video evidence. The ROI is there for us in terms of efficiency."

George Barlow Brown

IT Manager, New Orleans

Real Time Crime Center

"We have one unified camera system now. Our transit operators can remotely retrieve video onboard any bus and access other fixed cameras throughout the campus all using Security Center."

Dell Hamilton

Manager of 

Transportation Services

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