Improve system maintenance

Upgrading your system

Updating the firmware on your security devices or handling software version upgrades happens all within the same platform requiring less time from your team during upgrades.

87% of respondents agree

that unification improves upgrade efficiency

Infrastructure footprint

A unified platform optimizes resources by sharing common servers and databases. This means that less infrastructure hardware is needed to run security operations.

88% of respondents saw

a reduction in infrastructure footprint

Maintenance time

A unified platform eliminates headaches. You only need to handle maintenance, and upgrades for one single system which saves up a lot of time.

90% of respondents agree

that unification reduces maintenance time

Maintenance cost

With a unified system, there's only one maintenance agreement to renew. And the simplicity of upgrading and maintaining a single system frees up employee time for other important jobs.

79% of respondents confirm

that unification reduces maintenance cost
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